how we work

No requirements are identical

No one understands your market better than you do!  

Your successful business solutions are based on these excellent market understanding and exploration.  Your planning, execution and control progress are the foundation of the success.

It could be good pricing, top quality, unique product features, speedy logistic or after sales supports, … , all vary according to your competitive edge and market position, that you have been working on.  Some of these superiorities could be crucial to oneself in one market, but some others factors could be determined essential in another market. 

Therefore, you have your specific and tailored requirements and needs, and you would be served just as you required.


The most necessary is offered

    According to your initiation, we would review with you, over meetings, talks, emails and / or other effective communications, to determine your exact and the most needed requirements.

    We offer specific services on trade connection matching, product identification and verifications, such as:

    -       Product sourcing / matching
    -       Samples obtaining / general review / functional evaluation
    -       Supplier visit and general review
    -       Factory audit and others

    Business starts everywhere, while we generally start ours from minimal.  Upon our discussion and review with you, our understanding suggests the service(s) that fits you the most.  It is NOT necessary that we offer a long list of full scheme items (and charge you a big amount by the length of the list).  We simply offer what you need the most at the stage.  Not because that we do not want to do more, or we could not do it, but we just want you to start from the most necessary focus point, then you start to get things done as promised, a step ahead, and we start to get paid from the minimal amount.

    We would discuss and agree upon the cost to be incurred in the offer, and we simply charge you the actual costs and minimum admin fee incurred, such as sample cost, delivery charge, factory visit expenses (travelling, accommodation, if applicable) and this would just keep our variable cost paid, and we do not intend to make any profit in this stage.  

    In other words, our services offered in this stage are as Free Of Charge, in order to let you feel if our service fits and match your needs, at your lowest risk concern level.




A Continuous Progress to accompany with your Business Growth

Business is a long term development and progress; and it is our intention to build steady and long term cooperation with each of our serious business partner, when mutual trust is getting built up gradually ------ Rome was not built in a day!

Product sourcing, matching, identifying, verifying, and your placing initial order to supplier, are just the very first steps in this long progress. 

Although we have been in business for 30 years, we could not brag that we are fully confident, or we know everything of the business!  Market situation changes rapidly every day, both in demand and supply sides, especially there are hundreds of new (and probably unknown) suppliers or products emerging day by day.

Ultimately, our goal is to support your business wins, and we are dedicated to serve as your long term partner in the supply chain management, where each party utilizes their competitive advantages. 

To keep your business running free from various, but most likely to happen, problematic issues:

We offer
on-going shipment preparation, monitoring, and follow up services, such as:
  • Pilot run preparation review / inspection
  • Production set up review
  • Pre-shipment audit / inspection
  • Shipment and logistic monitoring and follow up

After you have gone through and found our specific supports satisfied, and when you have reviewed, evaluated and finally decided to go for mass shipment(s), we would help you prepare and monitor the “to be happened” pilot run and / or mass production shipments.  Again, the most necessary approach applies.  We would discuss and agree with you, based on your business model and shipment volume, the rate of shipment commission. 

Some customers even prefer to pay suppliers the shipment payments via us.  In this occasion, the money will be retained in our hand, and is 100% to the customer's discretion and decision when to release, until you have made clear message of it.

In short, if you have your shipment made, we have our revenue guaranteed:  when your shipments are started, from planning to order shipment, to delivery to the market, and finally to reach your end customers’ hand, and probably the most important, to their satisfaction, we would do our endeavor to keep you and your shipments in the safe condition, as we could.


More Value Added Supports are requested

From time to time, there would be special tasks from particular customers, who have been our customers for sometimes, understand our abilities and share our common values.  For examples:

  • Consultancy, liaison and business terms negotiation
  • Industry monitoring and latest news update
  • Third party financial arrangement
  • Others …

These special tasks request would be reviewed and discussed on project base.  The principle of Fair and Just would be referred.  As we believe that both the buyer and supplier roles are equally important in the supply chain, and the success of long term trading must reach an equilibrium point that both side feel comfortable.  Although the buyer pays us commission, we could not do, and would not suggest, something that only favors to one side, most likely, the buyer.

Win-Win situation makes both parties gain and grow in the long run.  And if customers could think of any of our specialty help them develop further particularly, we are more than happy to have more win-win occurred.